Women with big butt often go through lots of embarrassment in this part of the world. It is a bit surprising because African men love women who are full and endowed. 
What has gone wrong with this generation? Do women with big butt have to be blamed for being wonderfully and fearfully made? Why do men make so much noise when they see women who are busty or endowed with big butt? A couple got blasted on their engagement because of the woman’s physical attribute.
As far as we are concerned, we find this highly hypocritical since most of these men will kill to have an intimate moment with these women. So what is the fuss about when women with massive hips and butt walk into a gathering?
In this part of the world, women with fake butt are rare as African women are naturally endowed. Even in countries where women go through surgeries to enhance that part of their bodies, they do not experience half of the things the women here face.
A woman with big butt has to be tough in this part of the world; she needs to work on her self-esteem as she will always find people that will put her down. She has to be brave in order to create a good profile for herself since a big butt is linked to lewd and bawdy remarks in this part of the world.
Find below some of the things you should never say or do to a woman with a big butt:

1. See ukwu

In Nigeria, men are really crazy about women with a big butt. Instead of them to be mild with their outbursts when they see women that are endowed, they will go on to embarrass the women and create a scene in the process.
A woman with big butt knows what she has, you need not make rude remarks about her assets when you obviously want to grope. The same way white men are crazy about big boobs, Nigerian men tend to love the butt more.

2. Heavy duty

You should never refer to a woman with a big butt as heavy duty. Some women are reserved and do not like rude comments like that.
It is really embarrassing to be referred to like that in public. Most of these women are naturally endowed and should not be made to feel sorry for themselves.

3. Na yansh be this?

A bawdy remark like this reflects the thoughts of the speaker. Some Nigerian men could become uncultured when they see women that have a big butt.
They descend to the level of thugs and start to make sexual advancements at the women there and then.
They literary say everything they would do with a butt like that if they ever get to ‘handle’ it. Women feel unsafe when they come in contact with a group of men like that.

4. Do not rough-handle it

Nigerian men should learn to respect women with big butt in relationships. Some of these women have scary tales to share when it comes to the series of abuses they have put up with.
Men naturally expect them to be rough and wild in bed because of their curves and butt. Some men make sexual demands of them and force them to be in positions that would make them feel their assets more.
If they are not grabbing their butt in the house, then they would be spanking them. This is not fair.

5. Do not grab their butt because you can

Being at the same party or club is not enough leverage when it comes to butt grabbing. It is simply molestation; if you do not win series of slaps, a black eye or a blow in the groin, you will be considered lucky.