They don’t always go together. And that’s OK.

What’s the difference between love and sex? I’ll be honest, when I first read this question, I wondered, “Who doesn’t understand the difference between sex and love?” Sure, my knee-jerk reaction was a bit arrogant with black and white pre-programmed responses firing off in my head. Sex is physical and love is emotional. Right?
I really had to stew on this question for several days before my analytical brain relinquished its control and gave way to more open minded and reflective consideration of the concept that love and sex aren’t so black and white after all.
I started thinking about how sex and love applied to my past relationships. How did about my sexuality and my love for myself? I especially considered how love and sex inter-played in my marriage to my late husband as well as in my other intimate relationships.
I, like most of us, have fallen under the spell of hot chemistry. That spark mixed with extreme loneliness and grief definitely distorted my brain and generated feelings in me that I would have SWORN were love. So in that realization, I am humbled and admit that the answer to this question is not so clear-cut.
You can have sex without love, no doubt, but the two together are supreme bliss. That physical, emotional and spiritual merging at the very core of our being is something I think we all deeply long for.

source: yourtango